A world-class destination for conferences and meetings for every size and sector.


Highly competitive, imaginative and world-class business tourism and meetings facilities have positioned Abu Dhabi as a destination for large-scale international conventions and association events.


Leading the Canadian economy and the national energy industry, Calgary is a sparkling cosmopolitan city with a reputation for warm western welcomes.


Lausanne boasts numerous assets, which its urban marketing campaign has brought together under four beacons of exellence: education and research, sport, culture and sustainable development.  Close to Geneva International Airport, the city also benefits from modern amenities that make it one of the top-ranking destinations with expertise in staging congresses and events.


Norway's Energy Capital, European Capital of Culture in 2008 and home to the breathtaking nature of fjords, mountains, beaches and water.


Energy is a multi-faceted word; it can describe the oil and gas industries which thrive in each of these destinations or portray the vibrancy, dynamism and excitement that characterizes them. The Energy Cities Alliance supplies meeting and Corporate Planners with the critical information needed to directly access each city's business events contacts that can make conferences financially and logistically successful. Wherever you are in the world, there is an Energy Cities Alliance partner near you. And whether your convention is energy related or not, or you are considering using that city or not, your regional Alliance member is there to help.

We call this the Energy Cities Advantage

One phone call or email will put you in touch with one of our partners who will:

  • Record pertinent information about your event including attendance, accommodation and meeting space needs, as well as sponsorship expectations.
  • Make direct contact with the Energy City that you are considering for your convention and then facilitate direct contact with that Energy City for further discussions.
  • Offer one -stop shopping! So rather than beginning at the introduction stage or sending requests for proposals to a city you have no leverage with, you can use the Energy Cities Advantage? With us, you can jump start your business relationship to allow the appropriate Energy City to quickly start working for you.